Project Title     : Nanshan Plaza
Location          : Taiwan
Owner             : Ruentex
Architect         : Misubishi
                        Year of construction : 2016

Established in 1996 under the Ministry of Transport. with the Airports of Thailand Pel. (AOT) as its only shareholder. the New Bangkok International Airport Co .. Ltd. (NBIA) is completely responsible for the construction of Suvarnabhum1 Airport .

Upon Completion. NBIA will merge with AOT and Suvarnabhum1 Airport will be operated by AOT.

The main terminal building was designed by

the MJTA group of consultants: the passenger

terminal complex (comprising the terminal

itself as well as the concourse) covers an area

of 1s2.ooom􀁂Seven floors and a basement will

give the terminal a total floor area of over

563.ooorrt (six million tt2) making it the largest

in the world. An innovative glass facade

has been designed and engineered to shade

the building against the intense tropical sun

and reduce the cost

of air conditioning.