Kinzi cafe Present.

We used combination style for presentation by collect all information together.  

So that customer is confident that it already passed the creative thinking design process and resolving problem in engineering as customer requirement. By design step for presentation between customer and Kinzi would be as information below.

Kinzi cafe Studio.



PDF Project Development

Concept Design


Mass Model

Mock up Model

Prototype Production

and testing

Concept Design

Concept preliminary design might be idea from customer or architectural designer.

We would make duplicate photo and present it as 3D product or Design Brief rendering. So that customer can see their product in preliminary design.

Mass Model

After we are present 3D model picture and 3D rendering.

We would like customer are more clearly understand as we do.

So we will present a simple Mass Model and discuss with customer to get more ideas.

Mockup Model

We make mock up model for customer to see their work is clearly and we might present to customer in many styles. By compare material, surface and developing the original model are more beautiful. In addition we also test by using it first before conclusion it be final model.

Prototype Production and testing

We will produce the original model and test it by engineering analysis program.

And also resolve production process problem by our engineering team.

So that customer is confident in product that it would be beautiful, strong as the original model and safety to user.

Project Development File

We will collect all information since we start the project. So the customer can see design and production process at the beginning until finishing project in PDF file.

VDO Rendering

Besides we present 3D rendering to customer. We also make Video rendering for customer to see whole work when installation. In addition the customer also can see the environment both inside and outside, including light and shade of work when installation with building.