Kinzi cafe Studio.

Design thinking




"Kinzi café consider Design thinking process"

that use for understanding design problems.

By testing and developing creative idea. So that we can design works as customer requirement.


We would understand work from information that we have with our experience in design and engineering by summaries it be Design brief. This Design brief would consider budget and beautiful of work according to customer requirement.


Creative thinking is heart of design. We believe that good creative thinking can come from many points of view to get new idea. When we conclude drawings from customer, we will develop it by sketch design and summaries it be concept file for presenting it as 3D rendering or model that look like real design for customer can imagine it are more clearly.


Besides we would collect design information and learn to understand work by consider about creative thinking and usefulness. We also improve the original is more beautiful by using engineering program. Including resolving problems from design by step for customer would receive the quantity of work

as customer requirement